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I have been working in the leisure industry for 14 years. I have provided GP referral services and tailored personal training plans for the last 5 years at various gyms through the southeast. As one of the only GP referral specialist in the area, I will be able help you no matter what situation or condition you feel you are in. After deciding to dedicate more time to help people achieve their goals. I decided to create PE-Fitness where I will train at locations best suited to your needs, focusing on Hitchin, Bedford, Rushden and surrounding areas.


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"Phil has trained me for about 2 Months now and I feel so much better about myself and have just got to my goal weight. Can't thank him enough" - Jay, Bedford

"Phil has wrtitten a nutrition and core program. It was very informative and helped me achieve weight loss and tone up my core muscles." - Bev, Luton